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Worn steering arms

I am just stripping down a donor to build a Pembleton Super Sport and upon dismantling the front axle assembly I have found that the steering arm balls are now far from spherical.

I already had in mind to shorten the steering arms in order to quicken the steering slightly. However,with the high price of replacement arms, this has prompted me to consider modifying the arms, to feature either an eye to accept a conventional sealed ball joint, or a vertical pin to accept a good quality rose joint.

Has anyone out there done a mod of this sort already? If so I would love to know how it went and what can be learnt from your experience.


Membership No. 1958

Re: Worn steering arms

Hi Vincent,
If you look on the forum for 223 Rebuild there is a link to my photobucket page, There are pics in there of the way I did it,

Membership No. 1856

Re: Worn steering arms

If you shorten the arms, you'll upset the Ackerman principal. The balls have to be in a line from the king-pin centre to the middle of the rear axle if I remember correctly....


Re: Worn steering arms

A question, probably for Ken.
Like Vincent, I've discovered that the steering arm balls on the Frank Cossell "Solo" are quite worn. Worst, 0.35mm OOR according to my micrometer. Should I be concerned about this or will the spring loaded cups cope with it OK?
Also, as a matter of interest, any theories why these balls have two flats machined on them? (Apart that is for making it much more difficult for me to re-machine the rad) If the flats were there before the rads were finished, that would go some way to explaining why the balls are OOR.

Membership No. 1865

Re: Worn steering arms

with the end cap removed The flats on the balls are so the balls are trapped in the housing only being released when the angle is greater than the steering can be turned when all connected (making them a safety feature)