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SS or Chromed flanged dome nuts

Does anyone know a supplier of either ss or Chromed domed nuts. I am looking for the dome nut that has a rotating flange. I need these to replace the existing grotty ones on my Lomax.

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Re: SS or Chromed flanged dome nuts

Try Mike at Polished Stainless:

You won't be able to get them in High Tensile equivalent so they'll be just for use in low stress application.

Re: SS or Chromed flanged dome nuts


Not sure about getting loose flange domed nuts but cheap and easily accessible source of stainless steel is Screwfix
Stock options basic (eg no M7 sizes) but good costs

If you want more specialist stuff try ships chamndlers as boats use s/steel extensively (in my area is SEASCREW who do most of their sales mail order and carry a good stock)

Hope this helps

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Re: SS or Chromed flanged dome nuts

Screwfix are good for the less specialised stainless fasteners - try also Toolstation. I bought 50 panheaded s/s no 8 x 1/2" screws for fitting upholstery and trim. Cost £2.50 - unbeatable.

Re: SS or Chromed flanged dome nuts

If you live near, or visit the seaside regularly beware of using A2 stainless. I used some when I did a modification to my sea fishing seatbox. Within about 3 trips they were so corroded they looked as if they were normal, unplated, steel fittings! At the time I couldn't get A4 so that's the way they've stayed.
The latest Flat Out Regalia sales lists among other bits, Exhaust/Rocker cover nuts which I assume are domed stainless and must be M7.

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Re: SS or Chromed flanged dome nuts

Thanks for the info , I have come up with a blank on all of them, if there are any others , I would welcome suggestions, regards Ian

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Re: SS or Chromed flanged dome nuts


As Geoff suggests try this company:

I have checked and he offers a range of St Steel M7 metric fine items including Dome nuts.


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