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rocker covers

I have just purchased a homebuilt 2 cv special, The rocker covers look a bit grotty, could someone advise if chrome covers will last, or would I be better off with pressed steel untreated

many thanks

peter scott

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Re: rocker covers

It really depends on how they were chromed and who did it. They need to be polished, copper plated, nickel plated and then chromed. Many are just chromed and it doesn't last at all. Expect it to peel after 6 to 12 months.

For my hot rod bits I use The London Chroming Company (in London, surprisingly) - for the Avion and classic cars I use Niphos in Crewe. Niphos chrome for Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley and others.

To get good shiny chrome the steel has to be polished until it looks like chrome. This takes a lot of time and effort and this is where the real cost lies. There are short cuts - e.g. you could not polish the underneath because it won't be seen, a skilled polisher could just do the highlights so the rocker covers look shinier than they actual are. You can cut the cost by using the best covers you can find to minimise polishing time - rust pits and scratches have to be polished out and it may be cheaper to buy new ones to start with ( or at least spend some of your own time going over them with ever finer grades of W&D)

So.... a decent job that will last should cost at least £100 for the two covers. A show quality finish will be around £250.

I'm sure there'll be an expert along in a minute telling you that they know a chromer that will do the job for £25 - but it just can't be done.

The "chrome" powder coating around at the moment looks good for a few weeks and then goes off until it just looks like aluminium paint.

Your best bet is to prep them up for 2 pack paint in the colour of your choice. Do it properly i.e. as if it were bodywork. This will be long lasting and look good. Especially if you team it with a set of Steve Parrish's stainless rocker cover nuts that have been polished up.

I have a spare set in electroless satin nickel. These were bead blasted to give a matt surface and then nickel plated to give a silvery satin surface. Looks nice. I'd be happy to sell you those or you could get Niphos to do your set.

Of course, Citroen didn't think any of this was worth bothering with and so it is more authentic to run with rusty, greasy zinc plated ones, preferably with section of the rim bent up where some ham handed French farmer has prised it off with a screwdriver.

Re: rocker covers

many thanks for an informative and amusing reply, I think I have got my membership fee back already, how much for your the covers or ring me on 07839706706

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Re: rocker covers

Peter - £20 takes them, you pay P&P. Here's a picture, I will run them through the dishwasher* later and it will bring them up nice and clean.

* Tech tip - popping car parts in your dishwasher is great way to degrease and prep them for paint. Just don't get caught doing it.

Re: rocker covers

Same applies when cooking VHT painted parts in the oven........Don't get caught!

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Re: rocker covers

Alternatively try a pair of the various alloy rocker covers available - and be amazed at the chunkiness and weight of the original Lomax covers.

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