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Problem with advert

I've just tried to email someone who has placed an advert in Classified about wanting an alloy tank but got the following message -

"Could not perform this operation because the DEFAULT MAIL CLIENT is not properly installed".

Oh really? So what on God's earth is a Default Mail Client and how can it be properly installed? 'Puter jargon is ruining this World

PS If the advertiser is reading this, I have a steel Lomax tank he might be interested in. Please get in touch (but only if you Default Mail Client is proerly installed, please)

Membership No. 1906

Re: Problem with advert

I'm just going to put a couple of adverts on now - will let you know what happens

Re: Problem with advert

Posted both ads with no issues. Your ad is there too.

BTW - Try Ian Carey Welding (01326 573847) if you want a tank made. You can provide a cardboard model in any shape you want. He does excellent work - he's an ex-RAF airframe welder so good enough to work on Harriers and Tornadoes.....

Re: Problem with advert

Put simply Paul, it means that your own PC hasn't been set up correctly.

When you click on the 'email' link on the classified ads website, it launches your own email client application on your own PC to send the email.

It would appear that your email client still needs to be configured. If using Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options/Programs and check which email client is selected.


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Re: Problem with advert

perhaps the dipstick doesn't touch the bottom of the hard drive ?

Re: Problem with advert

My wife isn't a happy bunny; I read your reply with my mouth full of tea ...............
Need I say more??

perhaps the dipstick doesn't touch the bottom of the hard drive ?

Best wishes Rob A.
Membership number 1400J.

Membership No. 1400J

Re: Problem with advert

I had a quick look at 'Tools' but 'Internet Options' wasn't there. If whatever's there isn't set up properly that's the way it'll stay I'm afraid. I've never had problems up until now and really cannot be bothered with all this mumbo jumbo. It all just drives me nuts.

Membership No. 1906

Re: Problem with advert

We now need someone to have a grumble about these people who alter Windows 7 from the standard, god-given Microsoft settings.... They think they know better than Bill Gates... Microsoft didn't spend billions of dollars on an operating system for you to mess about with it... and on and on.....