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Rear Wire Wheel ???

Is it possible to fit a spoked wheel to the rear, and if so is this as good as the disc wheel. I have spoked front and disc rear, if the rear gets punctured it presents a problem, with 3 wire wheels my spare would fit all of them. Thanks Ian.

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Re: Rear Wire Wheel ???

A wire wheel in good condition is easily as strong as a the equivalent steel wheel. When my Avion was hit in the rear very hard by a drunken driver, all the force was taken on the exposed rear wheel. I was thrown forward and hit a Peugeot with a tow bar fitted. My car piled on to this with sufficient force for it to pierce the bonnet and then push the crankshaft backwards, bursting through its bearings and pushing the gearbox input shaft back, wrecking that also. Front chassis had major damage and the hinges were ripped out of the scuttle.

I bought it all back from the insurance company and fitted a brand new NOS engine, replaced the gearbox, the front chassis and the bodyshell. I sent the wheel back to Devon Rim Company expecting to have to pay £500 for a new one to be built. Doug checked it and found it to be absolutely straight and true - despite transmitting enough force to wreck the front end of the car.

All you need to be concerned about is will it fit and is it correctly centred.

I've always carried a can of tyre weld. It has worked fine on the couple of times I've used it. The only problem is that you need to replace the inner tube because it messes it up in a big way. Mind you, a lot of tyre centres will refuse to repair or refit tubeless tyres that have had tyreweld used.

Re: Rear Wire Wheel ???

Hi Ian,

When I had Q-FAD's twin built, Lomax made a special rear arm so that they could fit the adaptor for the rear wire wheel.

I wanted this for the same reason as you, so that the spare could fit anywhere.

If you fit the adaptor to a "standard" Lomax rear arm, it puts the wheel too far to the O/S.

The other alternative is to have some special hubs made which will eliminate the need for the horrible adaptors.

The other problem with a rear wire wheel is that you have to pull the wheel a long way along the splines to get it off and on. The wheel arch can foul things up somewhat. You have to be able to jack the car up high enough to get the wheel right out of the wheelarch.

All the best,


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Re: Rear Wire Wheel ???

Hi all,

When refering to 'tyre weld' do you mean the foam stuff or the oko/puncturesafe type liquid additive you pour into the tyre via the valve? The latter should be as good as a permanent repair, or so it is claimed. I do not carry a spare so I have filled QFADs innertubes/tyres. I used it for years in my motorcycle tyres (including when touring Morocco) but never had a puncture so I do not know if it works!(Quick touch some wood lest I tempt fate!. Anyhow the point being that the puncture seal stuff does have a good reputation as an effective solution.

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Re: Rear Wire Wheel ???

There's some stuff you can have put in when the tyre is fitted that protects against punctures and you can run permanently with that. It's quite expensive. The cheaper stuff that you get from Halfords in a can is not permanent and on the side of the can it says get the puncture sorted within 50 miles and don't exceed 50mph (or at least it does on my can). Same sort of thing as a spacesaver wheel.

I've never got myself organised to get it done as a pre-treatment. Obviously, it's the best way to do it.

BTW - the Avion rear wheel bolts straight on to the hub with no adaptor so it is easy to take on and off without fouling bodywork. The wheel has a different backspace from the standard 2CV wheel and it is necessary to use adapters on the Avion if you want to run standard 2CV wheels.

Re: Rear Wire Wheel ???

I had 4 wire wheels on my pembleton [3 plus spare.]
it proved no problem- the rear arm was modified as mentioned previously..I use a pre puncture tyre goo liquid as used by bikers .
It preempts a flat as it is already in the tyre or tube. I have some bought here in france to block up to a 7mm nail hole.and you really just keep rolling.
other properties are that it spreads the generated heat so keeping the tyre cooler and less wear. it is there for the life of the tyre

Re: Rear Wire Wheel ???

I've used TyreWeld in the past and think the stuff is brilliant. I was riding my Pan European and heading towards Liverpool to catch the ferry to the Isle of Man when the rear tyre went flat. I had some proper 'widgets' (gummy worms) and got some air into the tyre but soon ran out of the presurised air in the capsules. I had to ride right into the city with a completely flat rear tyre before I found a filling station. I pumped a can of TyreWeld into the tyre then topped up the tyre pressure before riding onto the ferry.

Once in Douglas, I decided that with only 2mm of tread remaining, I'd order a new tyre, and this took three days to arrive. I rode for the next few days at normal speeds before having the new tyre fitted. Brilliant stuff.

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