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This Forum page is provided for members of the Citroen Specials Club to ask for, or respond to offers of, advice or assistance and to offer hints and tips with building and maintaining a Citroen Special (kit or one off special) or similar vehicle. Would members please include their membership number and/or e-mail address so they can be identified. Guests are welcome to place messages but must give a valid e-mail address. Feel free to disguise the address by, for instance, replacing "@" with "*", to avoid spam robots copying it.

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Citroen Specials Club
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Loosing garage space for my Citroen BRA

Hi. You may have seen the advert for my Citroen BRA 4-wheeler in the classifieds. I am now open to offers as I will be loosing my garage space shortly. It is parked in a friends garage at the moment and he has plans for a new project.

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Re: Loosing garage space for my Citroen BRA

Oh crikey Walter, that's torn it!

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