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Mudguard Stays

I'm in the process of fitting cycle mudguards to the hot rod and I thought it might be of interest.

I don't like bits of steel strap and/or rebar so I was looking around for something a bit more elegant. I decided to use front forks from 1930's bicycles.

Here's some pictures of the first support - the fork is supported by bolting the drop out to the backing plate (I will use a stud and a dome nut in the final application), I've then drilled the fork and welded in a crush tube and that is then bolted to a weld nut that's been welded to the outer rim of the backing plate through one of the cooling holes I drilled originally.

I will cut the fork at the appropriate distance and bend up some brackets to go under the fender and weld them on to the fork and shape it all to flow together. The fender will sit about 4" further back (it kept slipping off when I put it where it looks good).

I will have a go at the bottom one tomorrow.

Re: Mudguard Stays

Two comments Geoff.
First, though I like the idea, personally I'd have put the legs the other way up. I.E. thick bit at the hub end.
Second, where on earth are you finding front forks from '30s bikes?

Membership No. 1865

Re: Mudguard Stays

That was my first thought - until I realised that in their normal orientation they are capable of supporting a 16 stone rider at speed on a rough road. They are very strong. I did try them the other way up and there were some issues with spacing and alignment. The joints were brazed into the fork crown which means they can't be welded in that area so that was another limiting factor.

Also I sat and looked at them both ways around for a long time and I liked them this way best in the end. Wait until I blend them into the piece that bolts to the fender. This way of doing it also means that I can more easily make them removable with no ugly brackets left on the backing plates when I run the car fenderless (don't tell Paul though).

Bought 4 sets of forks (gives 8 stays) from a vintage bicycle collector for £30. One of the sets is pre-WW1. Nice metal to work with.

Re: Mudguard Stays

Like it, good to see a personal innovation .They are suitably tapered...should be really impressive with the guards on.
Driving without guards in 4 catherine wheels going down the road.. fine until you turn and get a face full.. fun though.

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Re: Mudguard Stays

What's all this 'fender' business? Are you a Merrycan?

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Re: Mudguard Stays

Paul Narramore
What's all this 'fender' business? Are you a Merrycan?

Wearing my hot rodding hat