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huge amount of spares

Greetings all

I'm Arthur Rayner, Aero Cycle Cars. I have to clear out a 20 ft container, I'm losing the storage space, and I have a massive amount of spares.

I have 9 2CV gearboxes and 5/6 engines, front axles, rear axles/swing arms....masses of stuff. I am after a job lot price of £1000, and I don't want to split it.

The alternative is, I take it all to a scrap yard, and get about £350/ton, and I guess it is all about a ton.

i expect I'm not supposed to advertise it here on this forum, so aplogies if this is the case, but this is perhaps a once only opportunity for a massive amount of nonsense!



Re: huge amount of spares

Whereabouts(approx) is the stuff? Would a new container be needed to house it?

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Re: huge amount of spares

duncan grimmond
Whereabouts(approx) is the stuff?


Re: huge amount of spares

looking up the website will give you a nearer clue...
[stayed there, done that]
Arthur is a perfectionist in his BRA build outlook.

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Re: huge amount of spares


It would all stack in a huge pile, about 6ft x 6ft x 4ft, but it is likely that someone will want to spread it out.

I could deliver it all at cost. It would all fit into my VW Transporter van.

I cant be more specific about any of it until I move it all.

I might even have some suitable steel framed shelving as well, so that engines/gearboxes could be stacked below, and axles etc on top.

I also have a Leighton chassis and grp body to dispose of as well, if someone wants this.


Re: huge amount of spares

What do you want for the Leighton body and chassis?

Re: huge amount of spares