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Brake pipe olive and axel caps

Can any one help with where I can obtain the end caps for the axel cross member for a three wheel Lambda.
Also are brake pipe olives obtainable.

Membership No. 1962J

Re: Brake pipe olive and axel caps

Hi, there are no olives on brake pipes, the Citroen alternative was rubber seals, make sure you get correct type for LHM or brake fluid, i do keep adapters if you wish to change to standard size brake pipes,

Membership No. 174

Re: Brake pipe olive and axel caps

Rubber brake pipe seals available from ECAS and 2CV City. I had the inlets on the master cylinder, calipers and rear wheel cylinder all milled perfectly flat on my car so that I could use 8mm stainless banjoes and stainless braided PTFE hose. You need to be sure that the machine shop do the milling at a perfect 90 degrees to the inlet thread otherwise it will never seal correctly.

It's not necessary to do that at all because there are no problems with using standard Citroen hardline at the front end in a kit car and adapters can be bought to fit a flexy pipe at the rear if needed. I did it because I wanted to and because I could.

I'm not sure of Lambda suspension arrangements but a stock 2CV has a steel plate with a mounting for the shock absorber bolted to the end of the front axle. Thus;

If the shocks are mounted differently on the Lambda then you can make something up. I'd either get a couple of original plates from a breakers and cut them down or have something laser/waterjet cut in 5mm aluminium (of course, that won't have the provence and prestige of a 30 year old rusty OEM Citroen bit)

If it's the rear axle you're concerned with then that has a plastic cap - available from ECAS and 2CV City for around £15. At that price I'd make something to fit.