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Citroen Specials Club
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outdoor car covers

can anyone reccomend a maker of outdoor car covers that would be suitable for a homebuilt on a 2cv chassis

Membership No. t b a

Re: outdoor car covers

Hi Peter
Your membership number is 1973.
There is a thread regarding this already. Try putting in Car Covers into the search box at the top of the listing.

Try the same for an internet search.

As a temporary measure a friend made his using a wooden frame on the ground and a ridge tent affair using a tarpulin to cover the car, both ends were open to allow air flow.
Needless to say this temporary measure lasted many years

regards Carole

Membership No. Hon/015J

Re: outdoor car covers

Thanks Carole,

I haven't received any paperwork from you regarding membership, should I have ?



Re: outdoor car covers

peter scott
can anyone reccomend a maker of outdoor car covers that would be suitable for a homebuilt on a 2cv chassis

Hi Peter.

Try this site;

If you have no joy try this one too.

Best wishes from Rob A.
Membership Number 1400J.

Membership No. 1400J

Re: outdoor car covers

No, not yet, I am recovering from a total hip replacement operation (25 July) and have not been allowed to sit at the club computer yet. I only need to print off and then put everything together, should be with you this week.

Regards Carole

Membership No. Hon/015J