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Lomax 223 hoods

Has anybody designed an attractive hood or hardtop for a 223? The only one I have seen looked more like an old pram hood, and certainly spoiled the car's lines. I have my doubts as to the feasability of one to fit Brooklands screens (which I have).

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Re: Lomax 223 hoods

Unless you are about 4' high then I think that a hood with Brooklands screens is a non-starter.

You'll need some sort of full windscreen - not too difficult to fabricate something. A Hallock style vee windscreen can be made from 3mm ally plate without welding if you use bolts and rivets- see here;

I made a windscreen for my Avion using Model T Ford windscreen posts;

I decided I didn't like it on the end and sold it to a hot rodder who cut new glass and put it on a Model A roadster.

I've now got the Kimble cowled Brooklands screens and I continue to use my spraydeck style tonneau cover that keeps me drier than any hood I've had on the car.

BTW - another option is a Carson top - google it.

Re: Lomax 223 hoods

You can have Brooklands screens and also a full screen if you fold it down .

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