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Track Rod End Bearing Cups

An update on this..... I have had some trouble getting an engineering shop to make these up in the quantities that I need to make this a viable project. They will do one offs or make larger quantities. My problem is that I don't want to be stuck with £750 tied up in them and then take 5 years to get that back.

The last lot (see below) were done by a hot rodder who did it as a favour but is now too busy.

I've prevaled on another hot rodder - Steve Lang (owner of Langy's Rod Shop - to cost up making a small batch for me. I will, therefore, need to know ASAP who would like some. I am trying to get the cost under £25 for a set of 4 in phosphor bronze. If that can't be acheived I will cost them in Delrin instead.

£25 is a bit more expensive than the standard item but given the price of the pattern steering arms and the rapidity of wear when used with original bearing cups, I'd say it's worth doing. NB these bearings were made from Phosphor Bronze by Citroen originally and only later changed to steel.

Saying that you want a set will have to be regarded as committing yourself to buying them.

I will let everyone know what's happening as soon as Steve gets back to me.

Re: Track Rod End Bearing Cups

I am for any improvements to the cars: I'll take a set.


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Re: Track Rod End Bearing Cups

Thanks for that Christopher. I am going to try to get them done in PB if at all possible. The material costs to do it in PB are about 10 times that of using Delrin. Machining costs are the same so a Delrin bearing cup won't be a tenth of the price - nevertheless, it will be an acceptable way of keeping the price down to an acceptable level if necessary.