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2CV Rear suspension arm

Having spent many hours, cleaning, freeing off the brake adjusters, modifying it to fit a Pembleton, and painting the rear suspension arm. I have now noticed that the arm has a twist in it!

When the arm is mounted on the axle, with the axle mounted perfectly level in a vice and the arm held horizontal. The hub face is not vertical, the bottom is about 8mm out of vertical w.r.t. the top. When a wheel is mounted that would amount to a badly out of vertical wheel, complete with associated tyre wear.

Has anyone got a spare N/side suspension arm they are prepared to part with?

Membership No. 1958

Re: 2CV Rear suspension arm

Will have a look what I've got at the Farm this evening.

Re: 2CV Rear suspension arm

I've got 4 chassis to send out asap, with delivery postcodes of GL6 7AS, BH25 7RD, RG6 5TY & SG15 6XT.

If one of those is within reasonable striking of you, that could save on struggling with cardboard, parcel tape and a trip to the Post Office.

I presume it's just the bare arm which you need.
( There are a couple of MOT preps on the go, gearbox to rebuild for a Pembly, carb to fettle for a Blackjack, etc., etc., so I'd rather just pull one from the stack. ;o))


Membership No. 724

Re: 2CV Rear suspension arm

Can't find one but it looks like you're sorted.

Seems a shame to waste all the work you've done.... No chance of straightening the one you've got?