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You can write June 6, 2006, in shorthand as 6-6-6. But is that the number of the Beast? It may shock many to learn this, but the Number of the Beast in the Bible, book of Revelation is NOT 6 6 6 ! Look it up! The number of the Beast is six hundred sixty-six, not six, six, six.

Yes, in our post-Biblical Arabic numeral system, on a base of ten, six hundred sixty-six is written as 666. But saying six, six, six to read 666 is formally incorrect.

In Greek the number six is represented by digamma or stigma, the 6th letter of the alphaber; however, digamma is a letter-number only used for writing out numbers as number-symbols; digamma is not a letter used to write words in Greek. The Greek number system is not our modern, post-Biblical system that uses position to designate powers of 10. Thus if you write the Greek number "digamma, digamma, digamma" you do not get six hundred sixty-six at all. (Digamma looks like an F slanted to the right, at least in the font we are used to today.)

Thus, to the original readers of Revelation, as a symbolic representation three 6's (digammas) did not come to mind when they read six hundred sixty-six.

I discovered this fact when I attempted to explain the number 666 in a popular ( & excellent) series of movies on the tribulation called "Thief in the Night," etc. In that movie the number 666 was represented as

0110 in binary = 6 in the decimal system.
However, 0110 0110 0110 is not 666 in binary at all. Thus I charge the movie makers with a minor gaff.

At any rate, the number of the beast is not six, six, six; it is six hundred sixty-six.