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There are many bad things that parents can do. Most of us know many of those things, because we are either young adults or older adults. If we are young adults, then we recall & likely resent the evils that our parents did to us. If we are older, we may have changed mentaltiy and now recall and horrify the evils that we did to our children.

If you study Lifespan Development, you will probably become convinced that our roles in life change with age. Persons are likely to have Gestalt Shifts in their lives. The biggest one is from child-of-Adam to child-of God. Another biggie is the change from thinking of oneself as a "Child of imperfect parents" to "Parent who was imperfect."

One of the worst things a parent can do is to punish a child without praying first and consequently punish a child unjustly for something the child is innocent of. The scripture says in effect, "Judge not." That does not mean that we refrain from evaluating and punishing misconduct of children. Proverbs has many statements about chastisement of children. But the prohibition vs. "juding" reminds us not to assume facts not in evidence or to jump to conclusions. Children should be given the benefit of the doubt. Better that the kid get away with it (from our standpoint), than that we punish the child unjustly.

If we really believe that we are natural fools and require supernatural wisdom from the Lord in order to do anything, why would we fail to stop and discuss a verdict and sentence vs. our child? Time to break out James 1 in our thinking again: "if any man lack wisdom . . . ."