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Skin and bones -- a young woman emaciated to skin and bones! Horrible anoerexia
nervosa: Few sights are as horrible as that of a woman suffering from anorexia
nervosa. The sight of an emaciated woman is repulsive, as also the fact that the same
woman has starved herself, even near death. You have seen pictures of starved
horses on television. The rib marks in their sides causes pity. I have never seen a
starved sheep, but a starved sheep would also cause pity.

But if we could see ourselves as the Lord sees us, how many of us would likewise be
seen reduced to spiritual skin and bones, emaciated by lack of spiritual nutrition? Why
do we neglect to eat? John 6 tells us that we must feed on the Lord Jesus, figuratively
called eating his flesh and blood. “The words that I have spoken unto you* are spirit
and are life.”

56 He who eats [“chews”] my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me,
and I in him.
57 As the living Father sent me,
and I live because of the Father;
so he who eats [“chews”] me,
he also shall live because of me.

In these two verses, the Greek word trogo pictures a chewing process. This is not
phag-, the regular word-root for “eat.”

Therefore, the cure indicated for spiritual anorexia is to meditate on Christ. This
meditation can be historical, starting with His life in eternity past stretching to His future
reign as King or this meditation can be topical, as when we meditate on passages
which describe Christ, as the “I AM” saying of John and such graphic descriptions of
Christ glorified as in Revelation 1. John records the Lord Jesus saying “I AM the
Bread of Life,” “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, “Before Abraham was, I AM,”
and several other such statements. We may think of the Lord Jesus walking on the
water and doing other marvellous things and give Him praise as we do this.

Such “chewing” on the Lord Jesus, is highly recommended for our nutritional needs.