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Is America in the Bible

Someone asked me this question:

" Is there any prophecy concerning America in the Bible?

This is a scary question for me. For nowhere in the Bible do I find any reference to the USA. It is possible that we would be included in the revived Roman Empire if the USA is considered an offshoot of the British Empire. Historically England was part of the Roman Empire. Rome is found in Daniel 2 (2 legs of iron, feet of iron mixed with clay), and (I am convinced) in Revelation as "Babylon," by way of figurative reference, a city on 7 hills (see Revelation 17-18).

Why no direct reference to the USA? I can only guess that the USA does not exist or is insignificant as a world power at the time of Daniel's 70th week. This should not surprise us. Nations rise and fall in history. Egypt is no world power today, though once it was mighty in the civilized world. Assyria is no power today.

My guess is that the USA, having murdered millions upon millions of babies, will suffer devastating judgment as Nazi Germany did. I could see the USA also weakened greatly by the rapture. Could it be that the Christians in the USA today are salt preserving the country temporarily, as Lot's presence preserved Sodom temporarily? Could it be that at the time of the rapture the USA will be devastated by nuclear bombs? Thus the disappearance of many people will have a ready explanation? I am not a prophet, just guessing.