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Miss California, The Sodomist Agenda, & the Media Circus

1. Has anyone actually read what Miss CA said? She began by endorsing choice. Then she confided her opinion. The answer was tolerant and manifested not a smidgen of phobia of anything.

2. What is outrageous is that a judge should put a politically controversial question to a contestant and then judge against the contestant for lacking fear/phobia and speaking her mind.

3. If most of the anti-Miss CA people gladly and happily look at pornography, why are they attacking Miss Ca for posing for semi-nude pictures? This looks cynical. Is it not the case that Miss CA is attacked because she did not fear (phobia) the Sodomist judges enough to be coerced into helping their agenda?

4. And it is also dishonest for demanding that a person who opposes the redefinition of marriage should also be a thorough-going Biblicist. It is also dishonest to accuse Miss Ca of being "holier-than-thou," since there was no such statement ever made by Miss CA.

5. It is also quite ignorant to think that everyone who calls herself a Christian is a Biblicist. The world is full of idiots who call themselves Christians and don't believe the Bible.

6. Miss CA's comments (modestly and tolerantly expressed) are probably more liberal on this subject than that of the majority of Americans. It was not long ago that Sodomy was considered a vile, abominable sin and a crime to be punished. Persons with common sense knew that a penis does not belong in an anus.

7. It is a dishonest attempt to denigrate opponents of the redefinition of marriage by calling them "homophobes," just as it is dishonest and slanderous to call opponents of Sodomy "homophobes." For phobias are mental illnesses. And the DSM-IV has not amental illness called "homophobia" the last time I read it.

8. Participating in such a beauty contest and posing for photos of indecent exposure are sins for being lust-provocative.

9. I have seen no evidence that Miss CA is a Christian or a Biblicist, aside from her use of the term "Christian" for herself, which really means very little. I called my self a Christian for many years before I actually trusted the Lord Jesus as my savior.

10. All genuine Christians live inconsistent lives, because they never lose their sin natures until death. In many things we all stumble, as James says. 1 John says that if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. Christians are saved by grace, unmerited favor based upon Christ's payment for their sins on the cross. To get ones knickers in a knot because a Christian is found to have sinned is stupid. Christ never promised a Christian a sinless life, only the constant provision of a power that makes it possible not to sin. Thus Miss CA could be a Christian, who like all of us sins quite a bit.

11. The true homophobes are those who fear the homos and knuckle under to their intimidation.

12. Miss CA may end up weeping all the way to the bank over all this publicity. So keep up the criticism and make her rich.