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IBcerg's Questions on Eschatology

"scripture for the earthly throne please?"

I don't feel like taking the time right now to provide you with the references since you can do it for yourself. Do you have a Bible program? Use its concordance feature to search "throne."

'Through His sacrificial death, Jesus Christ has conquered Satan, defeated death and ransomed people from every nation to become a kingdom of priests, gladly serving Him.'

True, praise the Lord! But we are still afflicted with indwelling sin, and evil abounds on the earth.

"What is He coming back to a filthy dead earth for"

I do not know all of the Lord's reasons for what He does. Why did He choose me to be His son? But part of the reason is to keep His covenants with Israel. The Lord has a plan for the earth. And as to Jerusalem, He has desired it for His habitation. The Lord has a special interest in the Land of Israel and in the Earth.

"To perfect recycling?"

Thanks for a chuckle. I am glad that the Lord recycled me! He is in the business of transformation (2 Cor 3:18; Rom 12:1-2; check reference to the Greek word morphe, as in meta-morp-o-sis. When a transformation takes place, the old becomes new.

"study the history of rapture teaching."

I am a Bible College Graduate and a seminary graduate. I hold 4 master's degrees and a Ph.D. I have done some study. My Bible reading project this year (already completed) was to go through the whole Bible and highlight all the passages on eschatology, using different colors. I marked all passages I found on Heaven, Hades, Lake of Fire, Intermediate State, Rapture, Resurrection, Day of the Lord, Dan's 70th Week, Tribulation, Second Coming, Millennium, New Heaven & New Earth, Eternal State. I did a master's thesis on The Kingdom Announcement of Matthew 4:17: "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."

I have an extensive personal library with books by persons of various persuasions. I may even own Allis in Wonderland.

"Hint- Cyrus Scofield, Samuel Untermyer"

I don't know S.U. I am aware of Scofield and admire him as a great man of God. His reference Bible has errors in it, as also my writings and yours do! But his general approach makes good sense of eschatology. I found an interesting claim on the internet that this pre-trib rapture view was promulgated by a Jesuit Priest who wrote with a Jewish pen name. I think the claim was that this Jesuit had a sinister plot in mind by writing his book.

"no offense, you've been hoodwinked"

One man (Al Kennedy) very instrumental in my initially trusting Christ as Savior was an amillennialist Calvinist presbyterian who worked with me at US Steel. He did not hookwink me when he spoke of his amil position; He was a sincere and loving man, just wrong on amilism.

It looks to me like perhaps you may be way too polemically excited on this subject. The important thing is to expect Christ's return at any time and live in that expectation. We must love His appearing with the fantastic expectation of being transformed to His image, losing our sin natures, and having every tear wiped from our eyes. He Who spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not also with Him freely give us all things." Let us not shoot cannon balls at canary birds.

There is a ton of stuff on the internet both in favor and against distinguishing the rapture from the Second Coming. I don't know if it worth our time to debate it. You may post on it here, if you wish. But I will not define you as scoundrel or heretic for disagreeing with me on eschatology.

"Just over 200 yrs old. Every new wind of doctrine."

Well, if you search the internet you will also find a lot of material debating the antiquity of the belief that the Rapture precedes Daniel's 70th week, which is popularly called "The Tribulation." I will let you study it and make up your own mind, if you have not already.

It should be noted that with the course of time, just as scientists discover more and more truths, so do also theologians and Bible students. The important thing is not when a doctrine became popular, but what does the Bible say about it. I don't think that "Justification by Faith" was very popular before Luther, though there were those who believed it.

BTW, are you a Bible-believing Christian? If you died today where would you go? How do you know? What is the basis of your hope, if you have hope?