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Shiny Teeth trusts provers

myteethareshiny has replied to your comment on The Rapture - You NEED To See This

Greetings, Shiny Teeth:

Should I trust that you won't bite?
"We shouldn't trust human knowledge? OK, so if I were to say that I know that if someone jumps off the empire state building they would die, you wouldn't believe me? That's pretty idiotic."

How does the fact that some truths are self-evident and others based on lots of evidence yield the result that in general we should trust human knowledge, which often has been wrong?

"Meanwhile, the entire concept of God is not only the farthest thing away from logic and reason, there is also not the tiniest shred of evidence to support it."

How do you know it is illogical? How do you know there is no evidence?

"Who am I putting my trust in? I trust the person who can prove his case, not someone who believes she can talk to an invisible all-powerful being."

How do you know you can trust a person who proves his case? How do you know that such a person would not injure you?

"How do you know that a person cannot talk to God?"