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Faithful continues to make assertions re the RCC

"our Lord left us ONE Church enoch...the One started in the upper room at pentecost"


"with Peter as Her leader"

But not the only leader; he was one of the 12 apostles. And what does he have to do with the Church after His death, except that he was a prophet and left us some scripture.

Does Peter look superior in Acts 15 or Galatians 1-2?
But if he were, what leads you to believe that Peter was a continuing office?

"..that Church still exists"


"..still protected from teaching ERROR by the Holy Spirit"

You need to define that one. The early church had plenty of error. Paul had to correct Peter in Gal 1-2.
At Corinth they had 4 factions: 2 of which were those of Paul and those of Peter!

At Galatians they had Judaizers who wanted to circumcise.

At Colossae they seem to have denied the deity of Christ.

In the 7 churches of Rev 2-3 there was plenty of error.

"and still guaranteed to be here until our Lord comes again by His promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against Her"


"..i'll let you figure out what Church that is"

What Church? Do you mean denomination? There are no demoninations in the NT. There is and has only been one Church. You get in it by trusting Christ as Savior and consequently being born again and Baptized by the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor 12:13 is the ONLY CHurch that possesses the 4 Marks of the 1st century Church"

The RCC has hardly any resemblance to the early church.
It does seem to have some resemblance to the Church of Tyatira in Rev 2-3.

",it is One,it is HOLY,it is CATHOLIC and it is APOSTOLIC"

The apostles and prophets are in its foundation. We are no longer in the foundation period; yes, we have apostles of Christ, but they are all in Heaven.

Holy? The Roman Catholic church is anything but that. It's history is appallingly unholy. Its current history is a terrible disgrace; it has shown incredible child abuse and sodomy.

I ask you again, how do you know that the RCC is infallible?