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JBClark61 asks for proof


"Please ...PROVE SOMETHING! ANYTHING! ....we're are all waiting in breathless anticipation for the next barrage of Bible quotes..." Save me please!"


The Lord Jesus is the Savior. Talk to Him if you want salvation. God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

"Faith comes by hearing & by the word of Christ." The best I can do is give you the word of God, if you want salvation.

Logical proof is the process of showing that one or more Axioms imply the proposition.
I don't recall you ever proving anything. But I have observed you making statements.
Ax 1 The God of the Bible exists
Ax 2 The Bible is the Word of God.
My system is to show that Axioms 1 & 2 imply the proposition I am trying to prove.
You cannot logically prove anything without axioms.

JB Clark asserts the following:

"JB never claimed that he could prove anything...YOU make that...claim. I don't claim to know what happens to us when we die because I don't know and neither do have a belief and nothing have proven nothing other than you can read yourself into delusion. "Does he have Biblephobia?" No, I have several...but like any other book I possess it is not necessary for me to memorize, cross-reference, make notes, and defend it. God doesn't need such a pathetic defense."


JB, in your paragraph above you make a lot of strong claims. How do u know that any of it is correct? Why don't you think that they need proof? How do you know what God needs? Why is it that you think your claims should be believed without proof?