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wwwcritic's objections

A poster (wwwcritic) on YouTube at the Rapture video site posted as follows:

"Thunkful2, when it comes to Darby and McDonald, you apparently need to do more research."

Since I don't care really that much about "who taught what & when in Church History" about the Rapture, I don't have that need. I quoted some internet statements on the origin of the pre-trib rapture view to show that there are" persons who find the view way before Darby & McDonald. If someone really cares, he can do research; I don't care that much. However, the quick search indicates to me that probably the pre-trib rapture was known before Darby.

"Also, are you Christian or new age or what?"

Don't shoot canon balls at canary birds. I am a born-again Christian, who believes in an inerrant Bible. I also am a graduate of Bible college & seminary, which also I have taught. But logical discourse does not depend on ad hominem considerations.

"Obviously you believe the Bible is NOT the complete word of God, since you mention the Shepherd of Hermas."

Judge not, lest ye be judged. I posted a reference to the Shepherd just to show that Shephard has been cited by some as having a view compatitble with or asserting a pre-Trib rapture.

"Most Christians today would say you are deceived for looking outside the Bible."

Most Christians??? Well then, does that mean that no one should read your comments since they are outside the Bible? Iron sharpens iron. And there is a spiritual gift of teaching. Sometimes we learn things even from unbelievers.

"I don't make such claims, but your reply doesn't answer my request: Where in the Bible? That's because it's not in there."

That is an incomprehensible claim. I quoted verbatim 1 Thes 4:17 both in English and Latin. I showed that Latin uses rapiemur for caught up, which means the same thing as "rapture."

I don't understand why some post-tribbers seem to get upset & vehement about the pre-trib rapture view. Christians don't agree on it, but that doesn't bother me. My views are stated on this forum below. The important thing is to expect Christ's coming at any time. There is a crown for loving His appearing.

Best wishes