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A gentleman (assume male) whole I call SEEK has been posting objections to Paul as an apostle and making this or that anti-biblical statement on YouTube. Here I quote him as Seek & give answers as @Seek:

Seek says:
"If you insist that what Jesus says is relevant for you and everyone else for that matter, it is interesting that there is one serious issue that is missing from "todays apostles". That is, none of you can perform a miracle of Biblical standards. This is an essential and very important part of the "real" Jesus movement. As a sign that they spoke the truth and evident through their Godly feats. God will excuse anyone today who does not believe for they have nothing to witness except fanatics."

@Seek: The Bible tells us that the prophets were in the foundation of the Church. The foundation has been laid. There are no apostles on earth, they are all in Heaven. We have the complete word of God. Miracles do not appear to have been common throughout Bible history, but to have come at special times. 1 Cor 13 speaks of a time when prophecy would not longer be in practice. The only common miracle I know of today is the new birth.

How do you know whom God will excuse? There is one way of salvation for us, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. If not, you are stuck in your sins & there is no excuse.

Seek says:

"no one would have believed Jesus either for that matter. he would have been a man of wisdom, nothing more. Jesus instructs very casually for His followers to heal the sick and raise the dead as if it were like serving a meal. Very easy."

@ Seek: What lead you to believe it is casual? You seem to refer to the mission of the 12 in Matthew 10, mission associated with the proclamation of the immiment Kingdom of God. This is not a general instruction for all his followers.

"God knew the evidence was needed back then, God knows in the age of science and reason we need it now,"
@ Seek: Apparently it is not needed today. As Christ said, if they won't believe the Bible, neither will they believe if someone returns from the dead. The Gospel of John indicates that the record given of signs in that gospel can lead to salvation. Many are saved without any other miracle than the Holy Spirit's conviction & regeneration.

Seek: "no one would have believed Jesus either for that matter. he would have been a man of wisdom, nothing more."
@ Seek: Many people trusted YHWH for salvation before Christ came without any miracles. Christ came as God and as Messiah. Of course those claims needed miracles.|

"John 14:25-26 These things I have spoken to you while being present with you. 26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.
Jesus gave this to his immediate disciples,nor does he require His word to be written for the spirit will remind them what he said. There is no need for a 13th apostle."

@Seek: Thanks for quoting John 14. Since the 12 had reference to the 12 tribes of Israel, the gentiles needed an apostle, # 13. The Bible says that Paul is an apostle. Now do we know more than God? Or should we advise Him?

Seek: "I notice you never explain why the law is still in place according to Jesus, because you cannot. If Paul wanted to declare the law was ended, he could have easily appealed to the teaching of Jesus to prove this with authority and no questions asked. However, he could not do this as Jesus never said it. Those who knew and lived with Jesus verify this in their continuing practice of Torah."

@Seek: Where do you get "IS" from. Like Clinton said, it depends on what IS means. Christ did not say that the law IS still in place; He said that it WAS still in place during His ministry. But he also spoke about fulfillment; there is an "until." Paul says that what he teaches is Christ's word. He does not quote other people's compilations of sayings of Jesus. But your basic methodology is wrong. Here is the proof: Axiom: The
Bible is the Word of God. Observation; the letters of Paul are part of the Bible. Therefore Paul's letters are the word of God and agree with the rest. Doesn't Peter also indicate that the law is over in Acts 15 as an unbearable yoke?

Seek: "Acts mentions an important conference in Jerusalem. It was decided that gentiles who wished to be part of the new movement need only to abide in the 7 Noahide laws, and Jews are to keep the whole Torah."

@ Seek: Are you now regurgitating? I know of only 4 rules in Acts 15, not 7.

Seek: "Paul could have easily appealed to this decision when writing Galatians. he could have told the rival teachers that he was honouring the decision of James. this would have sufficed."

@ Seek: A very astute observation, and a good reason for dating Galatians before the Jerusalem council. The record is that Paul went along with those rules & took Silas from Jerusalem with him on the 2nd missionary journey to verify the agreement. I date Galatians after missionary journey1 and right before the Jeru council, as otherwise the omission of reference to it is inexplicable in Galatians. Paul went to Antioch of Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra, & Derby on Missionary Journey 1; & I take region as the destination of Galatians. Paul did not throw any hissy fits, but he does express strong emotion.

"Instead Paul threw a hissy fit and went on to launch a detailed attack on torah observance. He forgot the meeting?"

@ Seek: The meeding had not yet happened. Paul attacks imposition of the law on Gentiles, the law as a means of salvation, & the law as a means of sanctification.

Seek: " Do I have an extensive list of the earthly sayings of Jesus?"
@ Seek: I asked if you had an exhaustive list, not an extensive list.

" And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that should be written."

Seek: "Jesus warned more of false teachers coming in His name saying they have seen the Christ."
@Seek: do you mean as a sign of the consummation of the age & the 2nd coming? What does that have to do with Paul?
Like it or not, Seek, Paul's writings are a part of the Word of God.

Seek: "Matthew 5:18: For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled."