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PROPOSITION 1: "A is a fact."
Rejoinder: How do u know that Prop A is true?
Reply: A is a fact because of B.
Rejoinder: How do u know that B is true.
Reply: B is true because of C.
- Fine, how do u know C is true?
- C is true because of D.
- Wonderful, but how do you know D is true?

It can be seen that in this manner of giving reasons for proof, nothing can ever be finally proven because proof of the proof can always be demanded.

Ulimate logical proof depends upon self-existing truths or axioms which are so self-evident that they require no proof. Axioms are not proven, but are used for ultimate proof.

For example, Axiom: "I exist." Now I might try to prove that to you, but whatever reason I gave, I would be more sure that "I exist" than of the proof I gave.

Example, if A = B, then A + C = B + C.

When I was in high school, as I recall:
I took this course in plain geometry. It started out with about 5 axioms, which were assumed as obvious or given, then this huge system was derived from applying logic to the axioms. Does anyone recall Side-Angle-Side for congruent triangles?

The Declaration of Independence launches forth to justify rebellion vs. the crown by saying like this, "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights . . . [blah, blah blah]." The writers seem to have understood the need to start with axioms. Axioms furnish a starting point. Without axioms you cannot prove anything logically.

There are two axioms which need to be accepted in order to do much theology:
1) The God of the Bible exists.
2) The Bible is God's Word.

With these two axioms, one can do a lot of theology. Without them I wouldn't claim to know much at all in this area.

I you don't believe them, the problem is essentially your own. You affirm these as obvious, self-evident or deny them at you peril.

As to Axiom 1, you either affirm that you perceive God's existence immediately or you deny you it.

The Lord is not far from any of us, for in Him we live and move and have our being. Seek the Lord and see if you perceive His presence. The Bible declares that creation itself is evidence which must be believed indicating that God exists. One may contemplate, for example, human anatomy and physiology or the glories in the heavens, stars, etc. and be convinced. However, for myself, I find it more immediately self-evident that God exists than that my interpretation of creation is valid.

As to Axiom 2, you are invited to read the Bible and see if you can hear God's voice speaking to you. Are you immediately convicted that this is God's word?

Some people have been convinced by fulfilled prophecy. If you wish to go that route, start with Isaiah 52-53 and Psalm 22 and see if you can affirm that in those passages there is a description of Christ's death on the cross, a description made centuries before He lived. In Isaiah, around chapters 40-48, YHWH offers fulfilled prophecy as evidence Himself. However, to me it more immediately self-evident to me that God exists than is the historical validity of any fulfilled prophecy.

Thus my starting point for theological knowledge are the 2 axioms given above, rather than creation and fulfilled prophecy. I leave it to you to affirm or deny them for yourself.