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You know, I like a lot of the things you post. I still wait for you to answer my questions about where you would go if you died today.

"You mean the Gospel is that simple. I read in 1 Peter 1:12 that it is something even the angles would like to understand. "

1 Pet is interesting. The context speaks of the GRACE that men receive. I take it that man was created to show the grace of God, undeserved favor, but angels to show God's holiness. Apparently there is no atonement for angel sins. One sin for an angel would mean the Lake of Fire forever, with no ransom. Apparently they are all individual creations, not a race that Christ could enter & die for as a whole. So, grace is something that would fascinate an angel.

"So all I have to do is believe."

I thought I had convinced u or that you already agreed. I spent a long time presenting you with many verses that teach that all you need do is trust Christ as Savior, believe in Him. (I don't mean mere factual belief, like "I believe THAT Jesus is the Son of God.") Did you read all my efforts to convince you?

"I have herd some people talking about repentance but after reading this it doesn't appear I have too."

Please accept that metanoia (repentence) is not SORROW for sin or GUILT. It is a change of mind. And repent is not the usual word for how to be saved, neither are there 2 different ways to be saved: 1) repent 2) believe. Repent means change mind, you change from non-belief to belief, from not trusting Christ to trusting Him. Now you would never trust Christ as Savior if you didn't want to be free from sin. To trust Him as Savior includes trusting Him to deliver you from being sinful: "Thou shalt call His name Jesus, for He shall SAVE His people from their sin." Not just from its consequences, but from Sin itself.

"Wow, I'll take a God like that. You got 2 of 'em. I won't smoke pot in church but is it OK if I roll my joints."

LOL -- you mean you'll jump a pew? God's grace has never made me feel like sinning. It makes me not want to sin, for He has done so much for me in love; how cud I repay Him by doing things that cause Him grief? Sin grieves God, causes Him mental pain.

"psalm 5:5 says that God's hates all workers of iniquity." You won't stop doing iniquity just by abhoring it. Rom 7.

"If we are wrong about the Gospel and deliver it without one of the key elements (repentance) we will be guilty of causing people to think they are saved when they are not."

It is important that you don't make up your own concept of repentence, but believe & proclaim God' concept of repentence.
The Word of God says, "Believe on the Lord Jesus, & you shall be saved." It is important that we proclaim what God says, not what appeals to our carnal religious desire for self-righteousness. I tell people that if they trust Christ as Savior, they WILL BE SAVED. You, I, & they must believe what God says, & not make up our own religion.

A chief thing to repent of is trusting in idols for salvation, like the idol of good works, our own self-righteousness.

God gets mocked by self-righteous Pharisee types who proclaim validation by relgious good works & being sorry over sin, instead of by trusting Christ to do some saving.

"We can be wrong about a lot of things but if we are wrong about the Gospel we risk damnation.

Galations 1:8,9
8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed."

So right. Thus go ahead and read Galatians. It teaches the true gospel.

"I've herd it said that salvation is that simple even a caveman could do it.
the reality is salvation is that difficult only God could do it."

Now there you are; you are so right. We cannot do anything at all except trust in our Savior. Once we have trusted Him & been born again, then the Holy Spirit can work His fruit in our lives.

"sorry for the initial satire but was just trying to show the results of promising sinners life and not mentioning the cost of being a follower of Jesus."

Do not confuse anyone as to the gospel. Don't start telling people they will earn salvation by good works & paying a cost. Christ paid the cost; we cannot. Yes, once one receives the free gift of salvation, one out of gratitude will wish to be a disciple; discipleship does cost; it requires making oneself a living sacrifice.

"I know this generation doesn't want to here about self denial"

There are many, many self-righteous Pharisee types who want to think how holy they are and how they are making all these sacrifices & doing self-denial. This is religious flesh, religious pride. We must indeed deny self and affirm Christ. I deny that I can save myself. I affirm that Christ can. I take up the cross to follow Him. The cross is where "It is finished." Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to thy cross I cling. His cross is my cross. I was there. I was crucified with Him.

Tho I like a lot of what you post, I fear that you may not be saved; for you do not answer the questions I put to you:

1) If you died today where would you go?
2) What is your basis of confidence IF YOU HAVE IT.