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CWHJr 1 response to anti-Pre-trib post on YouTube

The video on which we were disgusting, has been taken down.

Greetings friend,

Christians do not agree on the timing of the Rapture. That does not bother me. It DOES bother me when post-tribbers get on their high-horse and attack pre-tribbers or act superior.

The main thing is to expect Christ's return at any time.

If it is easy to disprove pre-trib rapture, why have I never seen it since I was saved in 1961? The pre-trib rapture for me is just the best way I know to put together the totality of what the Lord has revealed on the subject. Did I say anything about a "peace treaty"? The covenant has nothing to do with the Church. Dan 9 is about Israel & the gentiles -- no church there. In all passages regarding Israel's trib, the Church is never mentioned at all.

Now my reasons for concluding that the pre-trib rapture makes the best sense of scripture are laid out at, an open forum. Look for the discussion of the pre-trib rapture there.

I find your comment about my not receiving the LOVE OF THE TRUTH as offensive.

One year I marked everything in my Bible on eschatology in color-codes, different colors for various subjects, like Rapture, trib, millennium, etc.

I don't know where you are coming from. You cud be a preterist & then allegorize the trib away & then expect Christ's coming at any time. U cud be of the obtuse-school of post-tribbers who expect Christ's coming at any time on the grounds that the trib might already be past & they were too obtuse to notice.

But Christ's return for the Church is imminent (James 5) Judge at the door. If we had a 7 yr trib first to go thru, then we cud not expect His return today (serious error).

The events of the 6 seals, trumpets, & vials in Rev 6-18 look like wrath to me, to which the Church is not appointed.

1 Thes 4 end = Rapture
1 Thes 5 start = Day of the Lord/Tribulation.

Most generations of Chrs cannot go thru the trib because they have died already. So it is ridiculous to claim that all the Church must go thru the trib or escape some needed discipline.

At any rate, we'll understand it better bye & bye.

Do you mind answering a question for me?
If you died tonight, where wud you go?

best wishes,