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Salvation in the Bible is ONLY by GRACE thru FAITH - no works

Many, many times the Word of God gives only 1 requirement of man for him to be saved, FAITH or BELIEF with no additives.

"For God so loved the Word that He gave His monogene [unique] Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." (Jn 3:16)

Acts 16 "Sirs, what must I do to be saved? Believe on the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved."

If a man believes (trusts) the Lord Jesus as Savior & then is not saved, God would be a liar; but God is no liar.

"For by grace you have been saved through faith,
& that not of yourselves, not of works lest anyone should boast. (Eph 2)."

This is not a rare saying in the Bible.

Adding in other things, means you don't trust Christ as only & sufficient Savior.

None of the verses Arch to which Arch posted references, negates the above.

The Greek stem for faith is pist-; pisteuo = I believe, trust, depend on;
pistis = faith, belief. It does not refer to mere intellectual acceptance, but to dependence on the Savior, who paid for our sins on the cross.

Occasionally other terms are used:
Repent is used (metanoia). Saving repentance is a change of mind from non-trust to trust in Christ. One may be trusting one's good works, church membership, "sacraments, " Mary, saints, or whatever other idol. Then one has a change of mind and trusts Christ. Repent as a means of salvation amounts to the same thing as faith. Repent for salvation does not mean being sorry.

RECEIVE is used once, in John 1:12. As many as received Him -- but then that is explained as believing.

Rarely baptism is thrown into the context. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit puts a man into the Body of Christ, the Church, in which condition man's Old Man flesh is said to have been crucified with Christ & the man is raised with Christ. But this baptism is secured by trusting Christ as Savior & is an inevitable result of trusting Christ. Water baptism does not save. If you trust that, you trust in works.

This or that verse may be taken out of context as if it contradicted the over-and-over repetition of the Bible that man is saved just by faith, as if works could be added. But categorically Works are denied as salvific, most clearly. And a consideration of context is required.

Re: Salvation in the Bible is ONLY by GRACE thru FAITH - no works

Perhaps your eyes accidentally fell right over the many times that MORE than JUST FAITH is required.

I urge you to go back to my original post and see what I had there (well over 20 verses).

Was This List Plagiarized?

Was this Plagiarized by copy & paste from an internet site?

Really if you want to establish any of that you need to quote the verse out & show the context.

Re: Was This List Plagiarized?

Haha, good eye.
It is from a friend (in the Archangelati), if you wanted me to cite the source:

That is for the first list; I compiled the second one.

Did you look at each verse my friend and I gave? Until you do, we can't carry on a debate ABOUT the verses!

Re: Was This List Plagiarized?

If you want to cite a verse and discuss it, go ahead. Argue your argument. Prove your point.