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The approach of the RCC apologists seems to be that the Bible is to be considered God's Word only because the RCC says so. By taking that
approach, the RCC is made superior to God's Word. It may not be argued

1) that the RCC is God's Word because the Bible says so & then

2) that the Bible is God's Word because the RCC says so.

That is circular reasoning. Point 1) is not stated in the Bible as there is no RCC & no papacy in the Bible at all.

Thus it appears that the RCC apologists need some proof that the RCC is God's Word or is the source of God's Word. However, the history of the RCC including the widespread pederasty & rape of children discredits as an institution. There is no reason to accept that the papacy is the source of God's Word. In fact, a rational person would conclude after immersing self in the Bible, that the RCC is a system foreign to the Church in the Bible and foreign to the Bible itself. The way the RCC treats saints & Mary is foreign to scripture and idolatry. There is no bowing before images endorsed in the Bible. Celebacy is not advocated for elders/bishops in the Bible. Quite to the contrary, the presbyteros is to be the husband of one wife and have children who are faithful. Peter had a wife. 1 Cor 7 commands that each man should have his own wife. Celebacy is a special gift and has nothing to do with being a presbyteros. Paul is never called a presbyteros. Peter is.

Thou shalt have no other gods before thee.
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

Let us see the proof, O apologist, proof that the RCC is the source of God's Word. You may not use the Bible, if you have said that the Bible is only true because the RCC says so. (It wouldn't do you any good anyway to try to use the Bible).