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Re: Mark 16:9

I am sorry, I don't have any actual documents or know of any. I think it is fairly common knowledge though that the first day of the week for the Jews was Monday and that it has since changed to Sunday.
Sorry if I wasn't a lot of help.

Re: Mark 16:9

Greetings, I didn't see this post before.

The short ending of Mark (omitting verses at its end) is only supported by 2 important manuscripts, which IMHO are the same text family in this passage. The 2 are Sinaticus & Vaticanus. Vaticanus has an unusual blank space at the end of it as if room were left for something else. In view of the enormous textual support & the tiny number of mss that omit it, I am confident that the longer ending is the original.

It has been observed that Greek writings like this never end with the word gar, which would be the final word on the short ending.

Also, there is a simple mechanical explanation for the omission of those verses from Sinaticus and Vaticanus: the ancestor document lost its last page by being worn off.

The fact that Christ rose from the dead on the 1st day of the week does not prove that a 7th day sabbath should or should not be observed. It may explain why the Book of Revelation refers to "the Day of the Lord." In Acts we find church meetings meeting on the 1st Day of the Week (probably what we would call Saturday evening). But it is not a command as to what day we should meet on.

On the other hand, we have scripture indicating that we should not keep sabbaths in the Church Age. And BTW, certainly Sunday is not the sabbath.