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Re: Matthew 12:40 Using Idiomatic Language?

I wrote an answer, & this system refused to post it calling it spam!!!
If you want to discuss this further, go post at BibleAndTheology.dom

Re: Matthew 12:40 Using Idiomatic Language?

6th day of the week? Or Friday Or Preparation Day?

The research to do in in the ancient sources, comparing usages, and equivalent expressions including the Hebrew of Jonah 1. Is "three days & 3 nights" equivalent to "on the 3rd day"? The one should consult sites that specialize in this issue are in order. Did you check the one I posted?

English usage does not determine language usage done 1000 years before there was an English language.

I Advocate:

1) Bible = Word of God
2) Jesus is 2nd person of Trinity, YHWH,
3) Jesus is YHWH become man.
4) He was crucified, paying for the sins of man.
5) He rose from the dead.
6) He offers salvation to whosoever believes in Him;
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ & you shall be saved.
For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
For by grace you are saved through faith, & that not of yourselves, not of works lest anyone should boast.

BTW, if you died tonight, where would you go & how do you know?
and hypothetically, if you stood at the Pearly Gates and wanted admittance, but you were asked, "WHY SHOULD WE LET YOU IN?"
what would be your answer?

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Because of difficulty posting here due to the Captcha system & having my post labeled spam (which it was not) by the system, then having it evaporate, I move the discussion (for myself) to

Your use of "6th day of the week" sounds odd to me, as I don't recall the Bible ever using such language for Friday. Isn't Friday "Preparation" in the Bible, while other days bear numbers?

At any rate, an interesting discussion of the 3 days & nights & how to count time in the Bible is found at