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As commented on the BBC used Triftgletscher as an example of global warming[].

A quick google image search shows you a few things:

One the 'after' photo is clearly taken in the Summer and is almost the same as this one[] taken in July 2003 []

Two the glacier does get bigger in the Winter as evidenced by two montages taken in August and September[] where an increase in ice can be seen in a month.

Three there has been a lake in front of the glacier at least since 1981 [] which is hardly recent.

Perhaps the BBC should send someone up to photograph it now so as not to mislead.

Re: Triftgletscher

This seems to be an old trick regurgitated. Presumably the BBC people are not only sympathetic to the press(ure) release handed to them but cannot be bothered to check for any alternative explanations.

I seem to recall that there was a similar series of releases about a glacier in South America a couplsd of years or so ago.