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Fishy Oil

Interesting that there should now be doubt cast upon the benefits of eating oily fish for it seemed to me that the idea had just become, after many years of promotion, an accepted wisdom for the UK population.

It must have come to be an accepted wisdom because there seems to have been some pressure on the supply chain, presumably caused by over-fishing, since the price of some of the favoured fish, Mackerel (smoked) for example had risen rapidly in the past few months though I think I have spotted the beginning of a downward trend.

Now since this could not possibly be due to collusion by the food industry profiteering from such a sudden acceptance of the apparently major benefits being promoted, I can only assume that market forces must have been the cause.

Might we now expect the price to return to sensible levels I wonder. I hope so since I am quite partial to smoked mackerel with horseradish sauce, some nice rustically styled brown bread and a couple of small vine ripened tomatoes. With freshly ground black pepper and good dash of salt of course!

Fishy Oil: Let's rebunk this junk

Fatty fish taste good. Pacific salmon is tasty smoked, grilled, poached or raw! We need to fight to win back our excuse to eat sushi.