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Re: Re: Re: The Participation Mystique

The Tax thing is a problem - how else would they be able to afford the loss of revenue from smokers?

Ironic perhaps that some of the eco-taxation allows the Chancer the luxury of not squeezing motorists any more. In which case I am slightly happier since at least it helps to share the load more equitably across all who bemnefit from road travel of one sort or another. I.E. most of the population.

Given that this government seems to have managed to about double the tax take whilst claiming to have increased nothing overall - a remarkable feat of prestidigitation - where on earth does all the money go?

Or are the numbers simply numbers?

I mean, if, say, I raise 10 billion pounds here and I say I spend 10 billion pound over there, I would have nothing left in the bank and maybe nothing to show for it. Since most government spending seems to lead to nothing to show for it might it be possible that nothing was spent in real terms? The numbers would look impressive to an international financial community that probably secretly admires the fiscal practices of Enron. But they could be just numbers without substance. Movie set economics where the monumental structures you see on screen depicting a city street are really just timber and paint and a reduced scale shot to look full size.

Perhaps politicians should be expected to have the same level of responsibility as company directors. Retrospective extradition of former ministers to countries where their policies and actions had cause harm, whether that was their original intent or not, might keep their minds focused.

Mr. Bliar being shipped to Iraq in a few year's time to face some sort of suitable charges might send a strong message to those who would build empires.