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OR to RR

Recent US Surgeon General's Report on the dangers of
exposure to SHS says that Smoking and SHS cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(COTS DEATH) deaths. However, all of the studies quoted give OR's rather than RRs. Is there any way for a rather math challenged person,such as myself, to convert ORs to the more meaningful and understandable RRs?
Thankyou, Gary K.

Re: OR to RR

John has very recently added a discussion of the topic to the FAQ's

Re: Re: OR to RR

Thank you;but,am afraid that does not help me much. However;if a RR of less than 2 is considered not to be reliable or significant, and ORs give higher numbers,below what number is a OR considered to be not significant? Gary K.

Re: OR to RR

If the probabilities of the events are small enough for second order terms to be neglected, as they are here, the OR and RR may be considered equal; so the criterion applies in the same way.
The OR is just there for the purposes of obscurantism.