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Re: Re: Re: Stuff Happens Critique

Hopefully having conversations with yourself isn't an indication of the onset of insanity.

I retract my negative endorsement of power point as an analysis tool.

I realized this morning that PP has a simple drawing package tied to it that allows the simple creation of FREE BODY DIAGRAMS.

Oddly, you could do the same in Word, Excel, AutoCad, MiniCad, MacDraft, FreeHand, Photoshop, Illustrator, Alibre, SketchUP (Now free from google), and probably a thousand other apps.

Of course you could also use an Engineering Pad, then scan in the resultant drawing to send to your coworkers on the other side of the world.

There are an infinite number of paths to any destination. There are two types of wrong paths -- one that doesn't get you to the destination and one that does get you there but only because you managed to step over the gaping chasm in the road that you didn't see.

The greatest guide we have to avoiding those chasms is the experience of those who have gone before us.


p.s. I really do feel sane. I swear.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Stuff Happens Critique

Brad, I would like to point out that there are two types of correct paths to any destination: An elegant method, and a brute force method. Certainly a canned drawing program can give you an elegant method of getting to the destination of presenting information. But, it can be just as valid to place a blank sheet of overhead projector film onto the overhead projector, and sketch out a diagram freehand in black ink.

If, indeed, the medium is the message, it can be much more effective to use such a brute force method. Instead of the audience being taught something, and passively sitting and absorbing, the crude sketch can be a powerful tool that grabs the attention by focusing on what is most important in the data. Now a true discussion can arise, based upon that data, rather than the data being overwhelmed by the accoutrements of the presentation.

A truly skillful presentation, with beautiful graphics and music and colors, can quickly mask bad data and interpretation, especially when the audience is uneducated. A simple presentation must have good data, good interpretation, and good mastery of the subject matter.

You are sane. I swear.