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Brignell Mad

You are mad.

You are correct to point out the wackiness of those in our ivory towers. There are a few left who recognize the importance of identifying reality, but they are dwindling. My own alma matter is slipping quickly as it desperately tries to regain standing. They believe that if they get Top 10 Professors (i.e. pHD from the top 10 engineering schools), then their standing will increase. I may be alone in this belief, but Top 10 professors don't make Top tier engineers unless those professors are actively engaged in the education of those future engineers.

Go into any primary or secondary education facility in the US (and probably in the UK) and you will hear people whining about "Not enough Money", "Books are out of date", or "No Child Left Behind". Look at the time management of the class and you discover that kids are scattered to the winds during the course of a given day. Yes, their are weeks where they actually stay in class to learn, but more often than not, Math, Science or English is cut off by Band, Plays, special functions, special assemblies, and fund raisers. Give a man the ability to read, write and do math, and you start him down the path to being able to do whatever he **** well pleases. Music, Band, Drama, Football, and other activities are all useful to a student's growth, but only after the core is taught.

For some amazing reason, we want our kids to be Mozart, Tiger Woods, Pele, Einstein, and Aretha Franklin all at once. We fail to recognize that a big reason Mozart was such an amazing musician and composer is that his dad wasn't that bad. Mozart grew up living music. I am not saying he wasn't brilliant on top of that, but he wasn't being dragged seventeen different ways as a youngster, so his mind was allowed to focus on one thing.

You are not insane here Jeb.

You might be a little nuts when it comes to fiscal matters though. Trying to behave rationally in the fiction of digital money is just plain silly. Donald Trump (last I saw) is worth significantly less than you (he is inverted on the order of Billions), but he does't seem to worry about his next meal.

Unfortunately for me, I agree with everything you say about fiscal policies, so I am probably just a little nuts myself.