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Disabled vehicles conversions

Although I was supposed to read about Wind Troubles, the first part of the article was about Disable Vehicle conversions being made impossible by idiotic nanny state mentalities.

I experienced the forrunner of this yesterday in the visage of my wife who was desperate to install my infants car seat properly. I am not against child restraint systems, but I do think we have gone overboard. She was worried after I installed the car seat that it moved more than an inch (it may have movend 1.5 inches, but not much more). She has read that that is the "magic number" for car seat installations. My engineering background doesn't usually count for much in her estimation (I even worked on analysing restraint systems at one point), so she desperately readjusted the seat until it suited her. Maybe I take my children's safetly a little to casually, but I keep thinking back to the fact that I was in an aluminum car seat for a short period of time, then quickly was buckled into the standard belt. Oddly, I survived. More oddly, my parents survived their upbringing, when not only didn't they have seatbelts, but the the drinking laws were such that just about everyone was on the road snockered on a regular basis.

The primary function of that car seat is to make sure the child stays seated and doesn't climb around the car causing a distraction to the driver. If the driver remains undistracted, the chances of an accident go down very rapidly.

I am an uncaring parent who watches gleefully as his children fall down the short set of steps. Those with a slightly different perspective might recognize the learning that goes on with short mishaps. They prevent larger mishaps in the future.

I do my best to stay under the Nanny radar though. I want my children to survive in the future. If the nannies find me, that may not be as likely to happen.

Re: Disabled vehicles conversions

Some years ago I'd bundle our 2 kids, 2 dogs and 1 or two of my kids' friends into the back of our pickup truck (with camper top.) and get out of town for the weekend to give my wife some time off. It was enclosed and carpeted and I'd built a couple of seats in, along with benches on the side. The kids loved it.

The nanny folks would have been shocked that they all weren't strapped in, but once I closed the pass-thru window to the back and tuned out the occasional thumps, screams, barks, giggles and yells coming from the back, I could concentrate on driving in Chicago traffic and then interstate madness.

I wonder how many accidents have been caused by drivers trying to reach kids strapped into (back seat) carseats while driving.

Re: Re: Disabled vehicles conversions

Or even just watching the antics of the little one in a front mounted seat ...?