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Lost for words?

How can one be lost for words?

There's an entire TV series to explain IPPR.

It's called "Absolute Power".

Re: Lost for words?

IPPR are a "progressive think-tank", they're classified as an independent charity. They're not an "Absolute Power"-type PR agency. I tried to find out who's funding this "Warm Words" document and I think I've worked out who it is:

On WWF-UK Research Centre's webpage:

"Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) - the low carbon economy
WWF is a funding partner of this project (other funders are BG Group, EST, Innogy, Shell and BMW). The aim is to look at policy barriers to the development of a low carbon economy and identify ways in which government can stimulate innovation to ensure the UK takes the lead on solutions to climate change.

The main elements of the project are:
# micropower: policy changes required to accelerate developments in small-scale energy systems and promote low carbon energy options in the process;

# hydrogen: looking at the potential for hydrogen fuel to reduce carbon emissions and the policy measures required to deliver the necessary infrastructure;

# low-carbon design: designing new infrastructure such as buildings, transport and communications with long-term carbon targets in mind;

# public perception: encouraging individual attitudes and behaviour that help reduce carbon emissions."

The last item of the four elements above looks like it corresponds to the "warm Words" report. The funders seem to be WWF (World Wildlife Fund, not the World Wrestling Federation), BG group (British Gas), EST (Energy Saving Trust), Innogy (these are part of RWE group and they supply gas and electricity through Npower), Shell (representing "Big Oil", even though the Greenies keep telling us that Big Oil are bitter opponents of climate change) and BMW (German auto firm).

WWF and EST are Greenie organisations with EST being a quango funded by the British taxpayer. Some people might be surprised that BG, Innogy and Shell would fund climate research but it does make a lot of sense- the biggest financial winners from global warming so far by a long way have been any company connected with natural gas, through the displacement of coal-fired power stations by gas-fired power stations. BMW are presumably interested in the Green agenda if it gives them an advantage over rival car firms.