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Re: Re: FTIR, Carbon Dioxide, and Global Warming

Everyone here has to be familiar with

The real inconvenient truth.

He has a few good diagrams of the heat balance a little way down the page.

My shortened analysis.

Global warming is a good thing, it makes it nice and confortable here on the planet. Without the "Greenhouse" effect, we would be living on Hoth. The greenhouse gasses are largely created naturally. If we (the US) were to magically stop creating C02, the carbon cycle wouldn't even hiccup. The greenhouse system wouldn't even know we had dissappeared. The planet would be exactly as it was (and chances are it would be worse, law of unintended consequences being what it is).

Janice's observations are vital to understanding the demagoguery surrounding this subject.


Exxon, please send me my check... I need the money. My address is ....

People like us are supposed to be getting lots of money from the Anti-anti-global warming crowd aren't we.