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Re: The Royal Society and ExxonMobil

Dave I was n't ever going to put anymore messages anywhere, I feel such a stranger in the modern world.Let them get on with it is a natural response.
In common with all who work or have worked in the scientific world I have, of course, the highest regard for the RS. I'm at a loss to understand their thinking on this.What can they be worried about? If the sceptics are wrong it will as come out in the wash.Meantime why not demolish them with scientific argument? I read that they wrote to the media ( in May's time) asking them not to give space to sceptical pieces. I'm waiting to see what Melanie Phillip's has to say.
The Danish Economist of Sceptical Environmentalist fame was on Radio 4 last Wednesday on a programme called "The Iconoclasts". Down to earth,eminently sensible suggestions for the betterment of mankind and classed thus.
Bye Edward

Re: Re: The Royal Society and ExxonMobil

PS Sorry about the superfluous apostrophe.
Mild mannered Philip Stott has been quiet for over two months. I wonder if the heavies from the Royal Society have paid him a visit.

Re: Re: Re: The Royal Society and ExxonMobil

Ah, you have noticed that too.

Ever since he added the alternative Science News Ticker it seems.

Odd that.


Re: Re: Re: Re: The Royal Society and ExxonMobil

And now his blog is gone completely. Is the the deadly hand of the RS striking down the heretic?

Re: The Royal Society and ExxonMobil

I phoned.
His wife says he has been tied up with the Home Planet programme.

Re: Re: The Royal Society and ExxonMobil

He's back - a new entry now available.