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Re: Autism and Television

I didn't see any of the things you searched for in the document, though I only scanned it quickly, my time is too important to waste on this sort of pap. I did hwoever find this footnote in the text.

The first of these findings is not statistically significant at standard confidence levels. But given that on average at six months of age the high-risk group took thirty percent longer to disengage than the low-risk group, the lack of statistical significance is more likely due to small sample sizes (sixty-five high-risk infants and twenty-three low-risk infants) than to the possibility that there is no statistically important relationship between disengagement and group type.

Any semblance of credibility that this study might have is blown out of the water by this paragraph. They've made up their mind, and the fact that the data doesn't support them is neither here nor there as far as they're concerned.