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Re: Interesting article on the psychology of Greens

This idea is really scary. While the theory is nice, I personally like the fact that glaciers aren't invading my living space. As much as they like to complain about the consequences of warming, the consequences of cooling are ever so much worse. Reflecting energy from what is either our #1 or #2 heat source (Sun and Internal Earth Temp) sounds extraordinarily dangerous given the fact that we can't predict what the weather will be next week with any accuracy.

Reflecting our Heat source could very quickly put us into an Ice Age.

The feedback on the system can't be less than 6 months. As Jeb has pointed out repeatedly, controlling systems with feedbacks as little as 1 second can be difficult. Controlling it would require us to actually be able to measure the complete energy budget of the planet and know how just about everything interacted.

This is a really bad idea.

Re: Re: Interesting article on the psychology of Greens

On another point, last weekend's Financial Times magazine had an article on the Grens which said they have been warning about Global Warming for 30 years. As Global Cooling was the great fear at that time, if they were concerned about warming at a time of cooling does not mean they should be now warning about the impending freeze ?

further psychology of Greens

And if doublethink is our thing let's not leave out those who
(1) believe outlandish T predictions based on positive feedback of (iffy) CO2 predictions

(2) accept that the Sun is in an uncommonly hot phase, but

(3) say CO2 must do something 'cos the increase in the Sun's energy reaching earth is too little to explain all the T rise we may have measured.

Re: further psychology of Greens

What I worry about most is that "they" will actually find a way to cool off the Earth in any significant fashion. We have records of what happens when the avg temp gets about 1 to 2 degrees colder than now. The cooling period beginning in about 538 AD is believed to have been caused by the volcano Krakatoa, and civilizations fell (particularly Rome). Millions starved to death. In the same way, in 1815 Tambora erupted, and in 1816 there was no summer, and famine set in in both the US and Europe (and probably in other areas as well.) Some heating may bring some annoyances, but cooling kills millions without fail.