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Re: Re: Re: UK without Physics

Re JEB's comment about Reading University. I graduated (Physics BSc) from the old King's College,Newcastle in 1959. The Physics School must have been one of the biggest in the University and became even larger in the '60s as part of the new Newcastle University. I find it barely believable that it is no more.
At that time the UK was up with pace in Nuclear Power
Engineering.Where are we now?
A few provocative thoughts. Maybe it was a pity we had all that North Sea oil. Without it we would have
had the incentive to commit massive resources to fusion research,(proposed now internationally on a very big scale but what part will the UK play?)
There has been such waste on silly prestige projects in the last 40 years- Concorde comes to mind and latterly the infamous Dome.(Dare I mention Iraq).All that gelt directed at the fusion problem would just possibly by now have achieved some kind of breakthrough giving genuine prestige to the old country.