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Happiness makes you well

I need to learn how to say "GOD HELP US!" in as many languages as possible so I can seem linguistically gifted.

FTA: 14 of 50 people who had positive feelings got the flu, while 23 of 56 people who had negative feeling go the flu.

41%/28% = 1.47......

Quick, everyone start taking happiness pills.

I think we need to start a worldwide Epidemiologist batting team. Anytime a group of Epis decide to publish an RR less than 3, someone on the team (close to the criminal) walks in with an old fashioned holed paddle and administered suitable punishment. I am think 1 swat per tenth less than three. In this case 15 swats would be in order.

That would be 15 swats per Epi signing his name to the paper.

Tenure gets double punishment.

Head of Department -> Quadruple.

I personally try to avoid violence, but sometimes I like to vocalize.

My apologies.

Re: Happiness makes you well

Is it April 1st already?

Whatever happened the Christmas and the winter ...?