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An organic Christmas greeting

Compliments of the season to all.
Have you noticed how the BBC in particular and the media in general are constantly puffing the virtues of organic fare with the implication that the peasantry are poisoning themselves eating regular grub?
I wonder if I might have a little nasty streak in my
make-up when I had a little chuckle at the report that Julie's Restaurant (supposedly frequented by Prince Charles and many stars)had been claiming some of their dishes were organic when they were not.
Result- A fine of £7500 under the Food Safety Act 1990. Strange this seems to imply their food was unsafe, which I'm sure it was not.
Interesting- a con overlain another con -could this make a defence,I wonder,on the basis that two negatives make a positive.
Christmas again, it comes round quick and our Organic
Englishman is once again trying to flog his Organic
Christmas Trees.What's all that about?Are they edible?I asked him last year. He has n't spoken to me since.
Best wishes to all and enjoy all your poisons(liquid and solid,many and varied) over the festive season. Merry Christmas and a prosperous
New Year,