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Health report

Thanks to all the regulars who have enquired about my state of health. Things were complicated by a rabid radiologist who raised chimeras such as TB and metastatic disease, but the diagnosis has now returned to a buggered immune system. What happens is that I get a virus and then a series of chest infections. They respond to antibiotic treatment, but as soon as it stops I get another one. Trouble is that it is all rather debilitating and it is difficult to raise the energy to do anything.

I would like to add a comment on how much I appreciate this forum. It is so much more pleasant to have a small group of people of like mind than those overloaded ones, where you keep losing the thread among all the abuse and non sequiturs.

Re: Health report

I have to say I am very impressed to see that you keep going through the debilitation come what may. Although reading you and following your links does tend to mean I get less work done than I should!

I hope things will pick up for you soon.

Of course if I were a 'Concerned' person rather than a realist I would immediately accuse you of being a victim of your own profilgacy with the use of air travel, or something along those lines.

Or perhaps a user of banned chemical substances in your horticultural activities and so living proof that life kills.

Or maybe you have been having secret meetings with Russians in the coffee bazaars of Nether Wallop?

Of course it could just be a case of toxic news.

All the best,


Re: Health report

Just got done with a round of Bronchitis myself. Fortunately it was only disabling when I was coughing.

Your story of waiting 5.5 hours for an ambulance leaves me asking a silly question. Do you still have access to a car? I don't know what the rules are though. It could be that if you were to have driven your wife to the hospital, that you would be fined for not having waited for the ambulance.

Of course, you probably won't be allowed to drive yourself or your wife to the hospital shortly cause of the excess green house gasses you add.

If all goes well and Big Al's nemesis (as in preventing him from running for Pres again) gets elected into office, there is a good chance I will get to experience the hell you describe as a medical system. Of course, Hitlary won't have to use that system. She will just have created it for all our benefits.

Hope you get better.

Re: Health report

Get well soon. Looking forward to more fisking of my naive (although slightly Devil's advocate!) ideas about global warming.