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Spiked You Liked?

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make innumerate? I really wonder if the writer of this understands what 6.5 billion means.

"But even pointing out the relatively small numbers involved [she means the fiddled figures], and the economic benefits to Britain of immigration [she means the cheap nannies and plumbers for rich Guardianistas], misses the point. What we need is an open door policy where everyone is treated equally. People should be free to travel and settle abroad without having to justify their economic worth or prove that they meet stringent criteria of political and social oppression in their home countries."

Re: Spiked You Liked?

I thought there was something out of kilter when I read that article. Much that does not add up even ignoring the figures.

For example what has been said and done to influenced someone in a presumably unskilled area of work to borrow an enormous sum of money even by western standards in order to leave their familiar surrounding, home and family and, in the case of the woman at the centre of this story, child to travel around the world to, of all places, the UK.

This especially puzzles me when one considers the current economic growth rate in China.

How is it that someone who has been defrauded by some gangsters at home and effectively talked into self financing their own slavery is turned into a victim of the UK's immigration and work policies?

If you want to make a case for freedom of movement of workers, so be it but it surely must be a freedom of choice based an an honest understanding of what is available and I cannot imagine for one moment that this woman's decision was based on an honest appraisal and understanding of what she would find. I would guess that pictures of pavements paved with gold were part of the deception.

Unless of course she is a qualified Nanny in which case I noted that it is now claimed that such a person is worth an £29,000 a year salary (or something close to that as a package perhaps?)


At that level of remuneration she would have no difficulty in paying off the loan I would have thought.

Also the number quoted seem remarkably small for applicants and large for supposed deportees. Something does not stack up somewhere.