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Re: Re: Children to be given lessons in climate change....

WIDIMITWEED is an offshoot of what you discuss. People want to feel like they are making a difference. They volunteer to help the needy, they fly airplanes around the world to preach, they sing to the elderly, all so they can feel like they did something important.

The above is the antithesis of science and atheists. The majority of scientists of a dedicated bent, plod along doing their research knowing that they may or may not find anything. A scientist may be important, but in the scope of the world at large he is relatively insignificant. Admitting you are insignificant and will likely be little more is not easy, hence the large numbers of Epidemiologists and Climate Scientists who happily deceive themselves into thinking they are helping the world with non-results.

My greatest failure is the fact that I keep realizing that what I do is not important. Self Deception is a survival trait even when it potentiates the destruction of the world.

**** balance.

Re: Children to be given lessons in climate change....

This is why the anti-smoking/anti-drug agendas are so successful here the US. You see ads depicting Marijuana smokers as deadbeats who can't get anything done, and then you meet several who are actually productive members of society. They have their hit (drag, whatever the appropriate word is) at night or on the weekend and go back to work the next day. There really isn't that much difference to the guy going in to get his pint after work. I personally avoid drugs, but lying to children is always a bad idea. You end up with the likes of me. A guy who now suspects any report released by a scientist that sounds in the least bit alarming. "Coffee causes Cancer!," Really, then why the )*#) isn't half the country dead!