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Re: Re: Test: Numberwatch done properly

At the risk of being named contrarian, whatever is easiest for Jeb to do is what he should keep doing. If he is running into financial difficulties keeping th website up and a change to another format will save him, then by all means I would recommend he do that.

I still think he should put advertising on his site. I really want to start clicking on "Global Warming" Links and get the Idiots to start paying him money.

There is money to be made in Global Warming Alarmism, let's get some of it into the hands of people like Jeb. Its called Guerrilla Warfare. Use the enemies strengths against them. They have money, we don't, let's legally take it from them. I happily click on links on Junkscience. Giving some of Gore's money to Milloy helps me sleep better at night.